//Samsung Galaxy X : Phone Specifications
samsung galaxy x

Samsung Galaxy X : Phone Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy X folding phone comes 5.0″ display and with 6 GB RAM. This smartphone will bring great features.

The Samsung Galaxy X has 18 MP camera and it’s android version 7.0 Nougat.

So check this new Samsung Galaxy X folding smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X

We recently heard the company is going to trial production of the foldable LED panel in a coupale of months befor begans match production last year. A new report claim that samsung was producing flexible battery later this year which may use galaxy x. This new batteries whole have capacities ranging from 3,000mAh to 6,000 mAh for the Samsung Galaxy X. Is no secret that samsung has been working on flexible batteries. The company should offer pro tide back 2014 but it was more crof of concept as a only had a capacity of two hundred 10 million mAh which was certainly not enough for smartphone. Samsuns’s flexible battery seem to have come a long way sinsten as a personel eming to start producing sklater this year. The capacity between 3000 million mAh to 6,000 million mAh. The component finaly has comercial value and samsung spi can selling start to customer inclouding but not limited to samsung electronics. Samsung sensible use the flexible battery in the galaxy x. If the range start from 3000 million mAh and resionably be a soon that galaxy x battery capasity 3000 million mAh atlist. Since conventional smartphone still really have 6000 million mAh battery save to say that samsung introducing a new device like the galaxy x. No word samsung plans lounching it much remard holdable smartphone. The company has an really sad much abouted and lot of clearity on the other internal specification of this handset. The samsung galaxy x launched this year. The new Samsung Galaxy X folding android smartphone.